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Indoor Quality Guide
This is the Quality and Comfort guide for both cane and all weather furniture

Step: 1

Cane is graded when grown and sold with grading from 'A' to 'F', the best being 'A' , and is then sold in its raw state by weight. The images on the top right are what you get for £399.00 DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. See how thin the pole is on the far right compared to ours on the left


Step: 2

At Cane Direct we use only Grade 'A' cane. This enables us to screw the bases actually in to the frame 2 at the front 2 at the rear. The images on the right show the quality of construction that you will get for £399.00 Do not waste your money

Step: 3

The base is one of the most important components of cane furniture. Not only do they support the weight of the preson sitting on the furniture, but they add strength to the frame. ...

Step: 4

Cane Direct are the only company to use 5" Vita Foam bases as seen on the left. The industry standard is only 4" . Anything less than a 5" base cushion can not offer the same luxury. Ask the question, are your base cushions 5"?

Step: 5

All weather furniture is a fairly new product on the market. It is furniture made from a very hard wearing material called polyethylene, and can be left outside without maintenance.

Step: 6

Our quick buying guide is a summery of the all the questions you should ask before you make your purchase. Please print off and take with you when you go shopping so you are armed with the correct knowledge.
1. No payment taken until agreed delivery date and confirmation your suite is in stock.
2. 7 Day full money back satisfaction guarantee.
3. Delivered by our own delivery driver taken into your home.
All our cushions are over locked, which in laymans terms means they are stitched from top to bottom on both sides, but at Cane Direct our cushions are not stitched once...
Buying furniture from the internet for some people can be a little bit daunting, but you can relax with Cane Direct. If you in any way unsure about the comfort of our furniture, please just call us free on 0800 0133424, and we will quite happily lead you to the best products to suit you
When it comes to furnishing your conservatory, we know that it is difficult to know where to start. Very often we find that our customers have a fixed idea of a 3 piece suite, but after taking into consideration the shape, dimensions, placement of doors etc, this may not always be the best plan.