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Skyline Outdoor Quality Guide

All weather furniture is a fairly new product on the market. It is furniture made from a very hard wearing material called polyethylene, and can be left outside without maintenance.

In the near future it will replace a big market share of wooden furniture for garden living. The problem with wooden garden furniture, as nice as it is, is the maintenance of it and storing it during the winter months, most people may well have the space for the furniture in the garden, but come the winter they have no where to store it, thus the furniture is left out to face the elements of the winters months, meaning the following spring it will need some maintenance in the way of sanding it down, staining, varnishing . And no matter how hard you try you can never regain that new look.

The beauty of polyethylene furniture is that it requires no maintenance what so ever and can be left out during the winter months, and will look brand new year after year, providing you purchase the right quality from the out set.

We use two polyethylene products called VIRO AND REHAU, which are the best two products on the market today, both are branded names. The quality is so good that we guarantee our furniture for five years against all the elements, whether its plus 120 degrees+ or -70 Celsius. Our furniture is all hand woven to give that special look of rattan furniture. It is woven with a very tight weave which gives the product extra durability.

Beware! There are cheaper copies on the market which are manufactured from a polyethylene product that will not stand the test of time, the main two ways of spotting cheap copies, first of all it will not come with a guarantee, and secondly take a look at the weave, you will see it has gaps between the weaving, this type of weave is very quick to manufacture but it wIll notmake the furniture more durable and after a short period of time it will sag and lose its shape. Retailers of these copies will not be able to offer you a guarantee against its durability and fading in sunlight. Which defeats the object, the whole concept is not only to have beautiful outdoor living sets, but furniture you never have to maintain and will last you many years.


Our products are also hand weaved on to an aluminium frame and spot wielded, then ground to ensure long lasting strength, each frame is finished with a multistage deluxe powder coating process making the furniture light weight and giving unsurpassed long lasting quality and resistance to corrosion and blistering.

Your Questions Answered

  • Q. Do you guarantee your furniture?
  • A. Yes, we give a five year guarantee
  • Q. Will the furniture fade in the sun?
  • A. No, we give a five year guarantee against this happening.
  • Q. Will the frost or ice damage it?
  • A. No, we give a five year guarantee against this.
  • Q. Is the product colour fast?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Is the product resistant to rain?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Would salt water or chlorine Affect the product?
  • A. No
  • Q. Is the product mould and pest resistant?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Is any maintenance required?
  • A. No
  • Q. Is the product light weight?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Is the product toxic?
  • A. No, even when burned no toxic substances are generated.
  • Q. Is the product recyclable?
  • A. Yes 100%
  • Q. Will suntan creams and oil Affect the furniture?
  • A. No
  • Q. How should I clean it?
  • A. Just wipe down with a wet cloth.
  • Q. Is the glass (when required) Toughened?
  • A. Yes it is 6mm toughened glass.
  • Q. can I leave the cushions outside as well?
  • A. yes, that’s the beauty of our cushions, they can be left outside all summer long, no matter what the weather, however we do recommend you bring them in the winter, or in adverse weather, or in heavy rain.

We hope we have answered any questions you may have had about our beautiful Outdoor furniture, but if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us. The above guarantees apply to Skyline furniture only.